add or remove games from Game Turbo

How to add or remove games from Game Turbo

Game Turbo on Xiaomi phones boosts your gaming by allocating more resources to games and minimizing background app activity, resulting in smoother, more visually impressive gameplay with less lag.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to easily add and remove games from Game Turbo, and share some tips for optimizing your gaming experience with this feature.

Benefits of Game Turbo

Game Turbo enhances your gaming on Xiaomi smartphones with several perks:

  • Boosted Performance: It ensures smoother gameplay with higher frame rates and less lag by dedicating more resources to your game.
  • Battery Savings: It optimizes power use during gaming, helping your battery last longer.
  • Distraction-Free Gaming: Notifications are blocked, providing an immersive gaming experience.
  • Customizable Settings: Adjust game performance, network mode, and touch sensitivity to your preference.
  • Gameplay Recording: Easily record your gameplay for sharing or creating guides.

With additional features like a floating window for multitasking and performance monitoring, Game Turbo is a valuable tool for any gamer using a Xiaomi phone. Give it a try to elevate your gaming experience!

How to add games to Game Turbo?

To add games to Game Turbo, just do the following:

  • Open Game Turbo on your device.
  • Tap the “+” icon at the top right.
add games to Game Turbo Step 1
  • Choose from the list of your installed games and apps.
  • Select your desired games and turn the toggle on next to each game’s name.
add games to Game Turbo Step 2

Your selected games will now appear in Game Turbo, ready for a performance-boosted gaming experience.

Here are a few more helpful hints for using Game Turbo:

  • Feel free to add as many games as you like to Game Turbo.
  • To make things even easier, you can turn on the “Auto-add games” feature in the settings, and it will add your games for you.

How to remove games from Game Turbo?

To remove a game or take games off Game Turbo, follow these steps:

  • Open the Game Turbo app on your phone.
  • Go to the main menu or find the list where your games are displayed.
  • Locate the game you wish to remove.
  • Turn off the button next to the game’s name.
remove games from Game Turbo

That’s it! The game is now removed from Game Turbo.

To wrap up, Game Turbo is great for enhancing your gaming on Xiaomi phones. We’ve covered how to manage your games within it and shared useful tips. Just keep in mind not to add too many games, and use the “Auto-add games” option for convenience.


How many games can I add to Game Turbo?

You can put a lot of games in Game Turbo, but remember, putting in too many might slow down your performance.

Can I add games to Game Turbo automatically?

Yes, Game Turbo can add games on its own if you turn on the “Auto-add games” feature in its settings. That means any new game you install will go straight to Game Turbo.

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