Game Turbo 4.0 APK

Xiaomi brought Game Turbo 4.0 with the MIUI 12 update in April 2020. Game Turbo 4.0 is better than 3.0, with a new look, extra features, and more improvements. It works with MIUI 12 or higher, so make sure your device uses this version. Additionally, it has new cool voice changer options for gaming. It’s usually on your phone already. But if not, then you will get Game Turbo 4.0 APK from here.

What is Game Turbo 4.0?

Game Turbo 4.0 is a built-in app already offered in Xiaomi phones. It is released with MIUI 12 update. It was earlier known as Game Speed Booster and a new version of 3.0. This app is designed to optimize games on your phone. You can run it on MIUI 12 or later Xiaomi phones.

If you think what does Game Turbo 4.0 Apk do? It closes such apps. That you don’t use, frees up space and prevents calls and messages from disturbing you while gaming. This makes your games run smoothly. It also has a special mode for super-fast performance and faster internet. All these features take your gaming to the next level.

Download Game Turbo 4.0 Apk


Xiaomi Game Turbo 4.0 APK has lots of awesome things. Here, all its main features are shown below.

Quiet Mode

Touch Boost

FPS Tracker

Download Game Turbo 4.0 Apk on Xiaomi Phone

Downloading and installing Xiaomi Game Turbo 4.0 APK on your Xiaomi phone is simple, particularly if you’re running MIUI 12 or a newer version. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Download Xiaomi Mi Security APK on your phone from the link below.
  2. Open File Manager and find the APK you just downloaded.
  3. Tap on Mi Security APK. If you are asked to allow installation from unknown sources, allow it.
  4. Then, press the “Install button” and wait for the installation to complete.
  5. When it finishes, tap and open it to start using Game Turbo 4.0 on your phone.
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Xiaomi Game Turbo 4.0 Apk Download

Game Turbo 4.0
NameGame Turbo 4.0 APK
Current VersionV4.0
File Size60 MB
Required Android9.0 and later (MIUI 12 or later)
Updated1 Day Ago

Game Turbo 4.0

Game Turbo 4.0 came along with MIUI 12 in April 2020.

Note: Keep in mind, you should download this version of the app only if your phone is running MIUI 12 or higher. Otherwise, you download its old version.


Does Game Turbo work on Android?

No, Game Turbo is only for Xiaomi devices. It may not work on other Android phones.

Why my Game Turbo has no voice changer?

To use the voice changer, open the Security app, tap Game Turbo, and turn on Voice Changer from settings.

Which phones can use Game Turbo?

Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phones can use Game Turbo. It is easy to download, install and use.

How can I update my Voice Changer mod?

Downloading the latest updates of Game Turbo will activate the voice changer mode automatically.